The TRUTH About Sump Drainer Wheels

For over 30 years, EPG Companies products have been synonymous with superior quality and reliability. This has been the direct result of our commitment to customer satisfaction and our culture of ongoing evaluation, research and further development.

Over ten thousand EPG patented and market leading SurePumps™ have been installed in more than 20 countries across the world. The wheels on the EPG SurePump™ set our product apart from all other sump drainers, not only allowing for easier installation, but also ensure that the screen/inlet is not resting in sludge, resulting in improved cooling, higher efficiency, performance and ultimately longer product lifespan over any other sump drainers on the market.

Note: Nearly 80,000 original wheels have been put in service over the past 33 years with a proven reliability rate over 99%.

Our new and improved E-TEC wheels, developed by and exclusive to EPG, are precision machined using stress relieved material offering improved chemical, weather, and shock resistance. They are able to withstand 5 tons of pressure with very little noticeable effect, only showing signs of deformation or cracks at nearly twice that amount.

The wheels suspend the sump drainer above the bottom of the sump or riser pipe to:

    • Improve cooling flow of liquid.
    • Keep screen/inlet from resting in sludge.
    • Reduce shock during installation or removal, protecting fragile level instrumentation.