Control Panel Maintenance

"Lack of preventative maintenance can be very costly."

What do your control panels look like? Are they neat, closed up tight, locked, and free from outside moisture, and corrosion? Or, do you have animals building homes in them, like mice, ants, or lizards? Are the doors bent, or swinging open? Are the wires crystallized, cut or crushed? Perhaps your LevelMasterTM meter has burned up?

Lack of preventative maintenance can be very costly. The majority of malfunctions are a result of improper care. However, if you take the time to inspect your control panels you will find that they have long-term reliability.

If you are in need of technical assistance and need to speak with EPG's Service Department, please call 800-762-8418.

Several things you should do to ensure properly working control panels are:

  • Change desiccant dryers when the color changes from blue to pink.
  • Change corrosion inhibitors every year.
  • Use electrical seal-offs when wiring your control panel.
  • Keep gas, and water out of the control panel.
  • Make sure the door is straight, not bent, and closed at all times.
  • Plug, or seal-off any holes in the control panel.
  • Check to assure there are no crushed, cut or damaged wires.

By doing a small amount of preventative maintenance, your EPG control panels will remain reliable, and keep you up and running.


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Don't gamble with your control panels. If you believe we have described your control panels, and would like some information on how to repair them, contact EPG Companies Inc. We can help.

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