TTE100-CX Temperature Sensor

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EPG Temperature Sensors are designed to be used in landfill recirculation and bioreactor systems to sense the temperature of their surroundings. Research has shown that monitoring and controlling temperature within the landfill will decrease the time necessary to degrade municipal solid waste. When used with EPG moisture, leak and pressure sensors, a complete range of real-time data can be collected and used to maximize landfill gas production, increase solid waste degradation and estimate cell capacity.

These low-cost temperature sensors can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position, require no field calibration and can be easily connected to a process control and/or data collection system.

Sensor Features:

  • Molded Sensor Head
  • 10,000 Ohm Thermister at 25° Celcius
  • Jacketed Two Conductor Cable (20AWG)


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