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EPG Pumps - Suitable for Class I, Division 1 & 2 Locations

The EPG TSP Submersible Pump with level sensor mount is designed with the small diameter vertical well in mind.

This pump can be used to pump groundwater, leachate, and other contaminated liquids. It is able to be installed in wells as small as four inches in diameter. When used in conjunction with EPG's LevelMaster™ Level Monitoring Control System the benefits of continuous accurate monitoring and control of liquid levels in a small diameter well are achieved.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Corrosion resistant E-Glide™ bearings and seal rings for extra durability
  • Chemical resistant jacketed, no-splice CP motor lead
  • Flow rates available from 2 – 1,200 gpm
  • UL listed control panels are available for simple, trouble-free control

Pump CapacitiesPump MaterialsMotor MaterialsJacket Materials

SeriesFlow RangeNominal Flow
Series - 21-14 GPM10 GPM
Series - 310-20 GPM15 GPM
Series - 515-30 GPM25 GPM
Series - 720-50 GPM35 GPM
Series - 920-50 GPM45 GPM
Series - 1135-80 GPM62 GPM
Series - 1445-95 GPM77 GPM
Series - 1820-120 GPM85 GPM
Series - 3150-200 GPM150 GPM
Series - 4775-300 GPM230 GPM
Series - 6150-400 GPM300 GPM
Series - 7775-500 GPM385 GPM
Series - 9595-680 GPM475 GPM
Series - 125125-850 GPM625 GPM
ComponentStandard316 Stainless Steel
Check Valve Housing304 Stainless SteelSpecial Order
Check Valve304 Stainless SteelSpecial Order
Check Valve SeatE-Glide™Special Order
Diffuser Chamber304 Stainless SteelSpecial Order
Impeller Seal RingE-Glide™Special Order
Impeller304 Stainless SteelSpecial Order
Motor Adapter304 Stainless SteelSpecial Order
Inlet Screen304 Stainless SteelSpecial Order
Pump Shaft304/431 Stainless SteelSpecial Order
Coupling329/420/431 Stainless SteelSpecial Order
Fasteners304 Stainless SteelSpecial Order
BearingsE-Glide™Special Order
Component1/3 to 2 Horsepower
Pollution Recovery
3 to 60 Horsepower
End Bell Castings304 Stainless Steel over Iron304 Stainless Steel over Iron
Stator Shell301 Stainless Steel301 Stainless Steel
Shaft Extension303 Stainless Steel303 Stainless Steel
Fasteners316 Stainless Steel300 Stainless Steel
Seal CoverTefzelSintered Bronze
Shaft SealVitonViton, Carbon, Ceramic Face Seal
DiaphragmVitonNitrile Rubber
Diaphragm Plate304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel
Diaphragm Spring302 Stainless Steel302 Stainless Steel
Diaphragm Cover316 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel
SlingerVitonNitrile Rubber
Lead Sleeve316 Stainless Steel316 Stainless Steel
Lead Jam Nut316 Stainless SteelN/A
Lead Jam ClampN/AN/A
Lead PottingEpoxyEpoxy
Lead BushingVitonViton
Unaged Physicals
Tensil Strength (psi)2500142016301410
100% Modulus (psi)340690770780
Elongation (%)650300300330
Low Temperature Properties
Brittle Point (°F)< -100-52-38-32
Cold Bend @ -35°CPassPassPassPass
Cold Bend @-50°CPassPassFailFail
Cold Bend @-65°CPassFailFailFail
Aging Properties
- Air Oven 7 days @ 121°C
% Retention of Tensile107104188124
% Retention of Elongation11517170
- Air Oven 7 days @ 136°C
% Retention of Tensile97000
% Retention of Elongation90000
- Air Bomb 42 hrs @ 127°C
% Retention of Tensile88569397
% Retention of Elongation113184383
- Oxygen Bomb 7 days @ 80°C
% Retention of Tensile98118N/A109
% Retention of Elongation9387N/A94
Ozone Resistance
Hours to Cracking
(100 pphm/100°F)>100024N/A>1000
Heat Deformation (T2/T1)
2000 gms @ 121°C.
Mechanical Properties
Crushing Strength
- lbs force to failure34002000N/A3000
Abrasion Resistance (Uniroyal)
- cycles to wear thru jacket36181443(1)
(1) Material Coated Abrasive Wheel
Chemical Resistance
Water ResistanceEGGE
Acid ResistanceEGGG
Alkali ResistanceEGGG
Aliphatic Resistance (gasoline, kerosene)EAAG
Aromatic Hydrocarbons (benzol, toluol)EAAA
Legend: E = Excellent G = Good A = Average
Ratings based on average performance of general purpose compounds.

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Pump Curves:

To obtain more information or a copy of a pump curve, please email us or call us at 800-443-7426.

* The integral E-Glide™ bearings are a proprietary engineered heat and wear resistant material. Factory and field testing has shown that the E-Glide bearings outlast Teflon** and rubber bearings 4 to 1.

** Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont.

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