Motor Temperature Switch

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EPG Temperature Switches are used in EPG pump motors to sense over temperature conditions. If the temperature of the motor reaches a critical pre-determined limit, the normally closed temperature switch will open, sending a motor shut down and/or operator alert signal. When the motor temperature falls below the critical limit, the temperature switch will close and reset itself.

The EPG Temperature Switch can be used to:

  • Shut down overheating pump motors
  • Eliminate frequent pump cycling
  • Send alert signals to operator

Features include:

  • Normally closed
  • Switch opens at 75°C(167°F)
  • Resets at temperature drop of at least 10°C
  • Good for 100,000 on/off cycles
  • Mounted inside motor housing
  • Can be retrofitted for existing motors
  • Available in custom-length jacketed cable

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