Corrosion Protection

In addition to installing breakout boxes to combat migrating gas, three simple but vital items are often overlooked. Desiccant dryers, corrosion inhibitors, and conduit seal-offs all help maintain the performance and longevity of your pump control systems by preserving the integrity of wiring, terminals, and other components within the controls enclosure.

Dryers and inhibitors are expendable and replacing them on a regular basis is easy and economical. Installing seal-offs properly at installation is your first line of defense against migrating gas and moisture and are inexpensive compared to the replacement cost of instrumentation, components, and wiring repairs due to corrosion.

Desiccant Dryers:

• Low cost
• Protects expensive level sensors
• Easy to install
• Attaches to level sensor vent tube within breakout junction box

Change desiccant dryers when color changes from blue to pink. If the desiccant material has turned white, it is no longer protecting the level sensor from moisture.

Color Indicators:
Blue - Effective in removing moisture
Pink - Effectiveness reduce significantly, replace immediately
White - No longer providing protection

Corrosion Inhibitors:

• Low cost
• Easy to install
• Attaches to inside of inner panel door
• Prolongs life of controls

Change corrosion inhibitors every year.

Each control panel and breakout junction box EPG manufactures has one installed (not used in BJBGE model).


• Low cost
• Simple installation
• When installed properly, provides first line of defense against corrosion inside enclosures.


Seal-offs should be installed in each conduit run between riser/sump and control panel.

Seal-offs are ineffective unless the damming fiber and sealing compound are in place. This is typically the responsibility of the electrician so be certain to check that this has been done.

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