Breakout Junction Boxes

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Control failure and expensive repairs, caused by methane gas and moisture are real and potentially dangerous possibilities. To simplify maintenance and repair and increase the safety and accuracy of your system, simply install an EPG Breakout Junction Box between your pump and control panel.

EPG Breakout Junction Boxes are a simple and convenient way to disconnect power or sensor wires during maintenance and/or repair work and create a gas-tight seal between your riser, well or sump and your control panel.

Landfill gases migrating through motor and sensor cable conduit to the controller is one of the largest contributors to early control panel failure. Not only can these gases increase the chance for explosions, they can also corrode the contacts and make wires brittle. Give your system a break! Install an EPG Breakout Box close to the side slope riser and then hardwire the breakout box to the controller. EPG Breakout Boxes - a break you need for optimum landfill operation!

  • Seals off harmful migrating gas
  • Equipped with FNPT waterproof exit hub
  • Minimizes costs by running shorter motor or sensor cable
  • Available in a variety of configurations for one or more devices
  • Weatherproof NEMA4X enclosure with dryer tube and bellows to seal out moisture

Standard Models: NEMA 4X (Non-Metallic)

BJBGE-100B: NEMA 4X (Powder Coated Steel)

Also Available: NEMA 4X (Stainless Steel), NEMA 7/4 (Explosion-proof/weathertight)

* Each level sensor includes a desiccant dryer and bellows mounted inside the enclosure.

Model Number Description
BJBGE-100B Landfill Gas Effect
BJBD100 Leak Detection
BJBF400 Float
BJBF425 Two (2) Floats
BJBF440 Three (3) Floats
BJBF450 Four (4) Floats
BJBF460 Five (5) Floats
BJBF700 Flow Sensor
BJBF725 Two (2) Flow Sensors
BJBF750 Three (3) Flow Sensors
BJBS470 Four (4) Temperature Sensors
BJBL600B Level Sensor*
BJBL600BT Level Sensor* (Tank Gauging)
BJBL600BVA Level Sensor* (Vacuum Application At Riser)
BJBL625B Two (2) Level Sensors*
BJBO800B Level Sensor & Flow Sensor*
BJBO800BT Level Sensor & Float* (Tank Gauging)
BJBO815B Level Sensor & Float*
BJBO825B Two (2) Level & One (1) Flow Sensor*
BJBO850B One (1) Level & Two (2) Flow Sensors*
BJBO900B Two (2) Level & Two (2) Flow Sensors*
BJBO905B Level Sensor, Flow Sensor & Leak Detection Sensor*
BJBO925B Two (2) Level & Two (2) Leak Detection Sensors*
BJBP300 Two (2) Probes
BJBP315 Three (3) Probes
BJBP325 Four (4) Probes
BJBP500 Motor Lead (14 to 10 AWG)
BJBP500KSB Motor Lead (KSB Motor)
BJBP500SP Motor Lead (Large Cables)
BJBP525 Two (2) Motor Leads (14 to 10 AWG)
BJBP550 Three (3) Motor Leads (14 to 10 AWG)

*Each level sensor includes a desiccant dryer and bellows mounted inside the enclosure.

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