Good troubleshooting is common sense. Do not overlook the obvious. Find and fix the problem. Be careful that you do not just fix the symptom. Be thorough. A step-by-step approach will generally save time!

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Major Causes of Pump and Control Problems at Landfills

New Installations:

  • Wrong Voltage or Phase
  • Cut Motor Leads
  • Damaged Sensors
  • Loose or Incorrect Connections
  • 3Ø Motor Running Backwards

After Running First Few Days:

  • Power Surges (Lightning)
  • Installation Problems
  • Poor Connections
  • Damaged Parts
  • Pump Flow Rate Too High For Sump Design
  • Discharge Hose Has Become Disconnected

After Several Months in Service:

  • Grounding Problems
  • Power Surge
  • Pump Sized Incorrectly
  • Intake Screen/Impeller Plugged
  • Pump Upthrust
  • Methane Gas Migration

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