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EPG Pumps - Suitable for Class I, Division 1 & 2 Locations

EPG offers a complete line of pneumatic pumps under the Viridian America brand. They are suitable for numerous vertical pumping applications.  The rugged design is ideal for pumping highly corrosive leachate at elevated temperatures.

The VP2 (2" model), while perfectly suitable for pumping harsh landfill leachate and gas condensate, is even more at home for use in groundwater and remediation pumping applications.

Typical applications include:

  • Vertical extraction wells
  • Landfill gas extraction wells
  • Condensate sumps
  • Recovery wells at remediation sites

Capabilities & Options:

  • Bottom or top inlet configurations
  • Low draw down models
  • Available in 4″, 3″ and 2″ Sizes
  • Standard ultra-durable epoxy resin fiber-glass casing
  • Optional 316 Stainless Steel casing
  • Quick and easy disassembly for routine cleaning and maintenance
  • Weighs less than the competition!

With corrosion resistant components, high performance float, and epoxy resin outer casing, the Viridian America pneumatic pump is the most durable pneumatic pump available on the market today.


4 Inch Pumps3 Inch Pumps2 Inch Pumps

Liquid Inlet PositionBottomTopBottomTop
Max Flow Rate: gpm\min>12.7>9.2>5.3>5.3
Volume\Cycle: gallons0.
Pump Length : inches40.643.321.729.1
Weight: lbs.13.2*17.69.4*12.1
Pump Diameter : inches3.
Pump Trigger Point: inches26.424.414.213
Min Internal Well dia: inches3.
Max Working Depth: feet426426426426
Max Operating Temp: °F212212212212
pH Operating Range1-121-121-121-12
Model & TypeVP3-BLVP3-TLVP3-BL LDD
Liquid Inlet PositionBottomTopBottom
Max Flow Rate: gpm\min>5.3>4.4>3.7
Volume\Cycle: gallons0.150.20.1
Pump Length : inches44.146.926.2
Weight: lbs.9.4*15.87.0*
Pump Diameter : inches2.82.82.8
Pump Trigger Point: inches29.324.814.2
Min Internal Well dia: inches3.13.13.1
Max Working Depth: feet426426426
Max Operating Temp: °F212212212
pH Operating Range1-121-121-12
Model & TypeVP2-BLVP2-TLVP2-BL SS
Liquid Inlet PositionBottomTopBottom
Max Flow Rate: gpm\min>2>1.7>2
Volume\Cycle: gallons.08.07.08
Pump Length : inches37.239.137.2
Weight: lbs.
Pump Diameter : inches1.71.71.7
Pump Trigger Point: inches25.523.425.5
Min Internal Well dia: inches2.42.42.4
Max Working Depth: feet426426426
Max Operating Temp: °F212212212
pH Operating Range1-121-121-12

*Weight shown is with engineered plastic BCV. For 316SS BCV add approx. 3.2 lbs for VP4 and 1.7 lbs for VP3. All weights are approximate.

Tri-Tube Bundle

The standard tubing bundle comes equipped with a 1" discharge hose, 1/2" air supply, and 5/8" exhaust tube all encased in a single polyethylene jacket. The nylon hose is designed to withstand the harsh environment and corrosive nature of the leachate being pumped.

I-Fit Connection Fittings

I-Fit connection fittings provide a quick way to connect and disconnect 3" and 4" pneumatic pumps from the air and liquid tubing. They utilize a two piece construction that eliminates the need to cut the tubing during routine maintenance or when replacing pumps.

Well Seals and Covers

Dual extraction, gas tight well covers and well seals pair perfectly with VP Series pneumatic pumps and will work with most existing pneumatic pump installations. Provides necessary ports and fittings for down well pump tri-tubing and easy access for inspection and sampling. Can be equipped with optional bracketed air filter/regulator.

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