YCF Series Flare Panel

The YCF Series Flare Panel is EPG’s newest, full featured solution for landfill gas management. These controllers use a single Operator Control Station (OCS), capable of multiple functions in a cost effective and familiar design.

Why should the YCF Series be your choice?

  • Take advantage of newest technology
  • Will work with multiple sensors
  • Displays temperature, gas flow, and operating set points
  • Multiple alarm outputs
  • Data storage and logging with time & date stamp
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Multiple flares can be monitored by a single OCS
  • Can be programmed remotely
  • 4” transflective touch screen for long life
  • USB programming port
  • Monitors battery or line voltage
  • Available in AC or DC powered units

Operator friendly screens are easily accessible for display of temperature, gas flow rate, and alarms. Utilizes a transflective touch screen display that is visible in both direct sunlight and low light conditions.

Available Options Include:

  • Additional input and output capacity
  • Cell phone modem
  • Radio interface
  • Telephone modem
  • Wireless capability

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