MS6121-CX Leak Detection Sensor

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EPG’s leak detectors are stainless steel electrodes commonly used to detect the presence of conductive fluids. They are mounted in a small diameter molded ABS plastic body that adds weight, allowing the sensor to be suspended in a small annular space or they can be threaded into a pipe or container using the 1/2" SNPT threads.

Each sensor has 25' (standard) of yellow waterproof, gasoline, oil and chemical resistant outer jacket over a twisted pair of color coded signal wire. The sensor is set at the point where leakage is to be detected. Conductance is made from probe to probe through the liquid.

Typically the sensor sends a signal to an intrinsically safe relay which can be used to annunciate the alarm condition or shut equipment down. This control circuit has an energy potential so low that it is incapable of causing ignition of flammable or combustible materials.

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