EPG “F” Series Level Sensors

 SENSOR LOGIC AND FUNCTION The “F” series sensor is a normally open (N.O.) level displacement sensor (float) that moves up and down a guide rod actuating a magnetic reed switch. Each sensor has 25′ (standard) of a color-coded waterproof, gasoline, oil, and chemical resistant outer jacket over a twisted pair of … Continue reading EPG “F” Series Level Sensors

EPG Tank Full Level Sensor

 SENSOR LOGIC AND FUNCTION EPG’s tank full sensor is a level displacement sensor (float) that is used to monitor a tank liquid level. The sensor is normally closed (N.C.) and includes 25′ of SJ cord and a weathertight junction box with two inch male pipe threads (2″ MNPT) as standard. The … Continue reading EPG Tank Full Level Sensor

EPG 3-Point Level Sensor

 SENSOR LOGIC AND FUNCTION EPG’s 3-point level sensor has three “F” series level displacement sensors (floats) that move up and down on guide rods actuating magnetic reed switches. Each float is suspended on 5′ (standard) of adjustable color coded wire from a weathertight junction box with two inch male pipe threads … Continue reading EPG 3-Point Level Sensor

EPG Conductivity Probes

 SENSOR LOGIC AND FUNCTION EPG’s Conductivity Probes are stainless steel electrodes that are commonly used to start and stop a pump. They are weighted, independently suspended and are mounted in small diameter PVC housings. Each probe has 25’ (standard) of a color coded lead wire insulated with a waterproof, gasoline, oil … Continue reading EPG Conductivity Probes

EPG Interface Sensors

 2-Wire: EPG’s 2-Wire Interface Sensor is a small diameter, vertically suspended, product/water sensor that incorporates a normally closed (N.C) level displacement sensor (float) with normally open (N.O.) conductivity probes. The level displacement sensor floats in both water and product. The combination of both level displacement sensor and conductivity probes allows the … Continue reading EPG Interface Sensors

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