Leachate Pump Controllers - Series L900

EPG Companies Inc. Series L900 leachate pump controllers are engineered for precise control of leachate levels. Standard features optimize ease of use, effectiveness, and equipment longevity, which include:

Window in Door - Tamper resistant allows viewing of key operating conditions without having to open the enclosure door.

Drip Shield - Stainless steel drip shield helps keep moisture out of the enclosure when opening the door.

Indicator Lights - Clearly indicate operating conditions.

UL Listed - Designed properly and safe to operate.

Type 2 Coordination - Motor overload protection with properly sized fuses protects equipment from faults.

LevelMaster TM Level Control - Safe, easy to operate, and field proven way to control pumps and display liquid level.

Panel Heater with Thermostat - Proprietary design with even heat distribution helps prevent condensation and permits operation in cold climates.

Surge Suppressor - Protects control circuit from high voltage surges.

Lightning Arrestor - Protects power circuit from high voltage surges.

Terminal Strip - Labeled and numbered terminal strip makes field connection simple.

Corrosion Inhibitor - Reduces the cost of ownership by protecting internal components from corrosion.

Factory Tested - Minimizes potential startup problems.

Reliability - Proven reliability with over 10 years experience operating at hundreds of landfills worldwide.

Value - Nothing extra and nothing wasted!

Options - Wide variety of options are available to meet specific needs.

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