Lorentz Solar Pumps

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Introducing the PS2-600 HR-07 Solar Submersible Pump System.

Progressive Cavity Pumps (helical rotor pumps) are well known for their effectiveness to pump high vicious material, low maintenance requirement and reliability.

Solar power allows you to save money or pump where it has previously not been economical due to the cost of electrical infrastructure and/or easement challenges.

The LORENTZ leachate pump design, now available from EPG, brings this technology to landfill and remediation applications in which operating environments are challenging or access to grid power is impractical.

Key benefits:

  • The self-cleaning helical rotor pump minimize down time and the need for service
  • Pumping of viscous material in challenging environments
  • Remote management and control enabled

Ideal for:

  • Pumping of viscous material
  • Remote or closed sites without utilities
  • Green” deployments
  • Dewatering seeps
  • Low flow rate applications

(more details available in the downloadable bulletins)

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