Water & Wastewater Equipment

Water & Wastewater Equipment

EPG is well known for it's pumps and controls systems but did you know our equipment is suitable for many Water & Wastewater Applications as well?  

If you need a price quote or want to talk with an EPG Applications Specialist, please call 800-443-7426.

Below is a list of Water & Wastewater problem solving solutions offered: 

Telemetry, SCADA & Data Acquisition
Telemetry Hardware (NBT Division)
E-Wave™ Wireless Switch
Data Acquisition Case History
Choosing Your SCADA System - A Pre-System Assessment
SCADA System Resources

We have a complete line of SCADA Systems and Telemetry Hardware Equipment including wireless spread spectrum radios, modems, RTUs, PLCs and HMI and SCADA software packages.

Call EPG and ask for a SCADA specialist or go to NBT, our telemetry division.



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