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Remediation technology is constantly at risk of obsolescence because of new or broadened environmental regulations. This is particularly true in soil remediation and off-gas treatment where the processes involve soil, ground water, and air quality standards.

EPG carefully examined all current regulations and with an eye to the likely future, developed Oxidair™ – a thermal oxidation system that anticipates even more stringent regulatory requirements.

In developing this system, EPG's engineers worked closely with world leaders in thermal oxidation technology. The result is a family of products with distinct performance advantages.

EPG's Oxidair™ Thermal Oxidizers are specifically designed for soil remediation, off-gas treatment, and industrial applications. A unique multi-jet burner design provides intimate mixing of fumes, air and fuel resulting in contaminant destruction rates exceeding 99+%. Typical fuel savings are 30% over competitive thermal oxidizers. Available options include:

Various rental, lease, and purchase programs are also available. Contact EPG Companies for more information.

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