Sales Representative Highlights

Matt Prosoli of Pumps Plus, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan provides pumps and controls for the environmental water and wastewater industry in Michigan's lower peninsula. When Matt joined the EPG team it was simply a stroke of luck for us.

Matt was working with an engineering firm in his area that had been using EPG products. They suggested that he talk to EPG because they wanted someone local to contact. Matt called and talked to John Hasslen the owner of EPG Companies Inc. John explained all of the products that EPG had to offer. Soon after their discussion, John was in Michigan for a training session and while he was there met with Matt. Shortly after their meeting, John asked Matt if he would be interested in becoming a sales representative for EPG.

Matt agreed it would be mutually beneficial. Matt has been working with EPG Companies for more than 10 years now, and has been doing a great job for us.

Matt has been instrumental in defining how and why we work with sales representatives. In addition, he has assisted in the design of some of our informational data sheets, and sales literature.

Matt is a graduate of Michigan State University where he majored in Marketing. He enjoys sports and loves to travel.

Susan and Matt Prosoli

If you are in the Michigan area and need information on water and wastewater products, call Matt Prosoli at (248) 888-9004.

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