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EPG Companies’ patented SurePump™ Sump Drainers provide superior performance and accurate liquid level reading for horizontal side slope risers and vertical sump applications. The SurePump™ pump is completely sealed, built with stainless steel for harsh environments and unlike competitor models, draws liquid over or past the motor to maximize cooling and extend pump life.

At least four wheels are in contact with the riser pipe at all times and the submersible level sensor is mounted along the center axis of the sump drainer to assure an accurate level reading no matter how the pump turns.

Factory and field testing have shown that the integral E-Glide™ bearings, with heat and wear resistance, outlast Teflon* 4 to 1. The bearings and seal rings are bonded to the stainless steel rather than press fit. This allows the SurePump to work in applications where other designs fail.

Horizontal and Vertical models are available in a wide range of flow rates, discharge heads, and motor voltages.

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Innovation, patented design and accurate level sensing are reasons EPG's SurePump™ is the leachate pump of choice among landfill professionals. With thousands of successful installations worldwide, SurePump™ offers proven reliability, long life, and trouble-free service.

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To obtain more information or a copy of a pump curve, please email us or call us at 800-443-7426.

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Wheeled Sump Drainer for Landfill Side Slope Riser Applications
Horizontal SurePump
Horizontal Design Guide
Installing Sump Drainer in Landfill Side Slope Riser
The SurePump is easy to install.
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Vertical SurePump
Vertical Design Guide

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