Breakout Box Product Highlights

Over the years, it has been our experience that one of the largest contributors to early control panel failure has been the migration of landfill gas into the controller through the motor and sensor cable conduit. Not only can these gases increase the chance for an explosion, they also corrode the contacts and make wires brittle. A seal-off should be used between the pump and control panel to prevent this migration, but once the potting material has set, the cables must be cut in order to remove the pump for maintenance. To combat this problem, EPG has introduced a series of Breakout Boxes to be placed between the pump and control panel. Each Breakout Box comes equipped with a cord restraint,

seal-off and terminal strip to facilitate the removal of the pump or sensor. The cables are run out of the side slope riser pipe or lift station and terminated at the Breakout Box. The appropriate conduit is then run from the seal-off to the control panel with properly sized wires pulled through conduit from the panel to the Breakout Box. After the system has been tested, the potting material is placed into the seal-off and allowed to set. From then on, if the pump or sensor needs to be removed, it can be done without disturbing the seal-off, thus extending the life of the control panel. All EPG Breakout Boxes are provided in an enclosure suitable for outdoor mounting.

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