Mining Equipment

Mining Equipment

EPG is well known for it's pumps and controls systems but did you know our equipment is suitable for several Mining Applications as well?  

If you need a price quote or want to talk with an EPG Applications Specialist, please call 800-443-7426.

Below is a list of mining solutions offered: 

Telemetry, SCADA & Data Acquisition
Telemetry Hardware (NBT Division)
E-Wave™ Wireless Switch
Data Acquisition Case History
Choosing Your SCADA System - A Pre-System Assessment
SCADA System Resources

We have a complete line of SCADA Systems and Telemetry Hardware Equipment including wireless spread spectrum radios, modems, RTUs, PLCs and HMI and SCADA software packages.

Call EPG and ask for a SCADA specialist or go to NBT, our telemetry division.



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