E-Wave™ Wireless Switches

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EPG’s E-Wave™ telemetry products provide smart, effective and reliable automated, relay logic control using 900MHz, frequency hopping, spread spectrum radio technology. Spread spectrum radios combined with data encoding and proprietary protocol help eliminate false data interference due to radio or electro-magnetic sources. Thus any number of the EPG E-Wave™ telemetry system transmitters can work side by side with little chance of interference with each other or other sources.

900MHz technology is well suited to most landfill and industrial applications including start/stop pumps, sending shutdown alarm signals, storage tank high level shut off, leachate recirculation valve control and/or monitoring remotely located PLC inputs.

Signals in this frequency range can pass through concrete, glass, wood and other materials. Optimum performance requires line of sight between transmitter and receiver with respect to ground or foliage. Repeaters are available for applications with extreme range or major obstacles.

Typical Uses:

  • When lightning, vermin, and excavating shorten wire life
  • Where installation of conduit and wire is too expensive or impractical
  • When obstacles such as parking lots, roads, or ponds must be crossed
  • When there is too much electrical interference in the area


You may also want to visit NBT's Web Site. NBT is a division of EPG and provides Telemetry and SCADA system hardware and software including Spread Spectrum Wireless Radios, Modems, PLCs, RTUs, MTUs, turnkey installation and system programming.


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