EPG Tank Full Level Sensor

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EPG’s tank full sensor is a level displacement sensor (float) that is used to monitor a tank liquid level. The sensor is normally closed (N.C.) and includes 25' of SJ cord and a weathertight junction box with two inch male pipe threads (2" MNPT) as standard. The tank full sensor is commonly used to monitor the liquid level in a water or product storage tank. It is installed into the top of the tank and will float when submerged in water or petroleum products. When the fluid level rises to the point where the float is submerged, signal status will change.

The tank full sensor can be used to send a signal to enable or disable the influent pump, and to annunciate a tank high level alarm. This prevents tank overfilling. When used as a product tank full level sensor, the sensor typically sends a signal to an intrinsically safe relay, which outputs an alarm condition. This control circuit has an energy potential so low that it is incapable of causing ignition of flammable or combustible materials. Maximum load of sensor is one (1) Amp and maximum voltage is 240 VAC.

Note: Other submerged lengths are available.

Tank Full Sensor

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