EPG “F” Series Level Sensors

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The "F" series sensor is a normally open (N.O.) level displacement sensor (float) that moves up and down a guide rod actuating a magnetic reed switch. Each sensor has 25' (standard) of a color-coded waterproof, gasoline, oil, and chemical resistant outer jacket over a twisted pair of color-coded signal wires. The sensors have a small diameter PVC outer protective shell and are designed to be vertically suspended. They will float when submerged in water or petroleum products.

High and low level sensors are commonly used to start and stop a pump. The high blue sensor is set at a well depth to maintain desired draw down. The low yellow sensor is set just above the pump intake to facilitate pumping of total fluids. When the fluid in the well rises to the point where both sensors are submerged the pump will start. The pump will continue to run until the fluid level in the well drops below the lower sensor. Typically the sensors send signals to an intrinsically safe relay, which starts and stops the pump. This control circuit has an energy potential so low that it is incapable of causing ignition of flammable or combustible materials. Maximum load of sensors is one (1) Amp and maximum voltage is 240 VAC.


"F" Series Level Sensors

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