Flow Meters & Sensors

There are four main reasons to monitor and measure flow:

• Custody Transfer (Buying or Selling Liquid)
• Information / Data
• Permit Compliance
• Monitor System Health

Measuring Non-compressible Fluids Starts with a Good

• Properly Sized Meter
• Simple, Reliable Controls
• Proper Location (Straight Pipe in Piping System)

Paddlewheel Flow Sensor:

• Low cost
• No sensor calibration
• Simple design
• Small size
• Intrinsically safe
• One size covers large flow range

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Flow Spool

EPG E-Series Paddlewheel Flow Sensors are available in sizes from 1" to 14" pipe.

Mag Meters:

• Moderate cost
• No moving parts
• No pressure drop
• Accommodates dirty fluids
• Can have shorter straight pipe runs
• Not effected by pressure, temperature or viscosity


EPG offers a wide range of sizes and options such as this flanged Badger mag meter.


For more liquid flow system components, see:
Monitoring Systems and Components

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