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For over 25 years, EPG Companies Inc. has provided Data Acquisition, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Telemetry systems throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. EPG's telemetry design and programming staff include electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, programmers, systems integrators, project managers, and service technicians with the knowledge and expertise to equip your site with the most effective, long-lasting and economical telemetry control solution available today.

The focus and history of our well respected and knowledgeable team is to successfully provide the necessary communication hardware and software for a central operator to effectively monitor and control a variety of remote processes from one location. EPG's innovative and cost-effective Telemetry Control Systems and E-WaveTM Wireless Switches constantly achieve an economical and practical alternative to sending operators or service personnel to remote sites for visual inspections, manual adjustments or data collection. The fact is, EPG telemetry control systems reduce operating and/or maintenance costs, improve site functionality and help to meet compliance issues.

Anyway you look at it, installing an EPG radio based telemetry control system at your site makes sense. Our easy-to-use systems are reliable, cost effective, and provide numerous benefits including:

Typical Uses:

  • Reduced acquisition costs for expansion or upgrades compared to buried cable systems
  • Improved system efficiency and performance through continual real-time system monitoring
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs, system disruptions or shutdowns through real-time system monitoring
  • Reduced man-hours required for troubleshooting, freeing up personnel for other important tasks
  • Reduced labor cost by eliminating the need for on site visual inspections or data collection
  • Reduced labor costs by automatic report generating
  • Compliance with local, state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Increased options for technical support
  • Open architecture protocol for future upgrades and expansion

EPG provides complete telemetry systems, hardware, software, sensors, programming, site implementation, training, service, documentation and upgrades. We have standard packages from simple single input systems to complex multi-point systems or we can design a custom solution to fit your specific application.

E-Wave Wireless Switch

You may also want to visit NBT's Web Site. NBT is a division of EPG and provides Telemetry and SCADA system hardware and software including Spread Spectrum Wireless Radios, Modems, PLCs, RTUs, MTUs, turnkey installation and system programming.


Data Acquisition Worksheets  - Listed below are downloadable PDF files of several useful worksheets you can use to assist in the evaluation and design of your Data Acqusition System.

Master RTU Worksheet

Master RTU Basic Unit

Remote Telemetry Unit Worksheet

RTU Basic Unit

Repeater AC Powered Basic Unit

Repeater Solar Powered Basic Unit

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