EPG Bellows

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The EPG Bellows is designed to be used with EPG's submersible LevelMaster™ Level Sensor. It is made out of flexible rubber, mounted in a control panel or breakout box and has two major functions.

First, the bellows, used in conjunction with the desiccant dryer, acts as a protective barrier against moisture entering into the sensor vent tube. The sensor vent tube is connected to the level sensor which must be atmospherically compensated. If moisture enters the vent tube, inaccurate liquid level readings will occur. If excessive moisture enters the vent tube, corrosion and/or a short will occur to the sensor circuit board.

Secondly, in sealed riser applications, sealed air in the cable vent tube is forced to move due to either changing barometric or vacuum pressure. As the air moves, the soft rubber folds of the bellows unit expand and contract, maintaining the same air pressure. Without the bellows unit, levels would fluctuate causing the level sensor to send inaccurate liquid level readings.


All EPG LevelMaster™ Level Monitoring Systems are equipped with a bellows and desiccant dryer.

The EPG Bellows, along with the desiccant dryer, water proof wire connectors, and breakout junction box, provide your first defense against expensive controls repair or replacement caused by gas and moisture intrusion.

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