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Viridian America

EPG Named Distributor of Viridian Systems Ltd(UK) Pneumatic Pumps
December 13, 2013

EPG is pleased to announce the addition of the Viridian America Pneumatic Pump line to our family of products.
These pumps were designed in the United Kingdom, are manufactured in the United States, and now distributed by EPG Companies Inc. along with our continent-wide network of local sales representatives.

Viridian America’s line of pneumatic submersible pumps are the choice of many landfill managers and operators for low flow, vertical pumping applications. It’s rugged, corrosion resistant design is ideal for pumping highly corrosive leachate at elevated temperatures. The Viridian America pneumatic pump is the most durable pneumatic pump available on the market today.

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EPG Appointed Exclusive Distributor of Solar-Spark™ Vent Flares
June 28, 2013

EPG Companies Inc. became the North American distributor of Solar-Spark® Vent Flares throughout the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico.

For nearly 20 years, The Solar-Spark® Vent Flare has been known as a dependable and economical solution for odor control and gas migration at open and closed landfills as well as other industry sites including oil & gas, bio waste, bio digesters, feed lots, and food processors. The small size, low cost, and ease of installation also contribute to their excellent reputation.

Solar Spark® Vent Flares are patented and registered trademark of LSC Environmental Products, LLC.

Learn more here Solar Spark® Passive Vent Flares

LTL Biogas

EPG Becomes Manufacturer & Distributor for LTL Biogas
March 26, 2013

EPG is pleased to announce their appointment as manufacturer and distributor of LTL BioGas flares. This family of small, easy to setup flares was developed by David Hansen, creator of the very popular Solar-Spark® vent flares.

The LTL flares offer easy set-up and state of the art solar/electronic ignition making them ideal for short term, portable applications. This compliments and expands on EPG’s 20 years of experience in manufacturing thermal oxidizers. Currently the flares are available in four sizes with flow rates ranging from 5 to 750 SCFM and includes skid mounted packages and trailer mounted models.

Learn More here-> LTL Biogas Flares or visit the LTL biogas website at

NBT Inc.

EPG Aquires NBT
March 18, 2003

In December 2002, EPG Companies Inc. completed a significant expansion of its control systems integration and SCADA telemetry operations through the purchase of NBT, Nota Bene Technologies of St. Louis Park, MN. This expansion augments EPG’s systems engineering and design manufacturing capacity to continually meet the needs of the landfill, remediation, water & wastewater, mining and industrial markets.

NBT has been involved in the design and manufacturing of a variety of control and communication related products for over 29 years. NBT will operate as a division of EPG serving primarily the US, Canada and Mexico markets providing controllers, remote telemetry units (RTU’s), modems, switches and other communication products.

NBT’s web site is located at