"I have sent several of our site personnel to EPG Companies Leachate Pumps and Controls School and I have personally attended the school. The school is spectacular in establishing a useful hands-on experience for landfill personnel with leachate pumps and control systems. The school also does an unsurpassed job of covering typical real world problems associated with Leachate Pumps and Control Systems from determining if the pumps and controls were properly installed by contractors to troubleshooting problems that can arise in the course of their normal use.

This facility uses EPG Companies leachate pumps and controls exclusively and I wish that my personnel and I had had this training before we installed our first EPG pump and control system, because it would have alleviated about 99.9% of the problems we had during our initial installation and start-up. I can not say enough concerning the quality of the instruction, training tools, training setups and the EPG personnel teaching the school. It is not a waste of time and money to send your site personnel to this school. In my opinion you are wasting time and money if you don’t send your site personnel to this school."

— District Manager, Lake Mills, IA

"I have attended the EPG training school for the past two years. It has helped me to service the leachate pumps in my county. The county was looking for someone with training in this field and I was chosen for this position because of my training. The school is very thorough in the explanation of servicing pumps. All necessary areas are covered. The people are wonderful and the food is great too. I’m looking forward to this year’s training class.”

— Engineering Firm Owner, Mojave, CA

“I found the EPG service school to be very helpful. Before I only knew the basics and called EPG continuously. After the service school I am informed enough to keep our pumps up and running and seldom call for help. We will be sending one of our service people to the service school this year."

— Operations Manager, Okeechobee, FL

“I still can't get over what EPG had in store for us at the service school! It was definitely worth the time and money. Since returning to work I was able to uncover a hidden problem at one of the landfills I service, revealing other potential situations with leachate levels."

— Mike Brenner, South Bend, IN

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Pump & Control course. I learned a great deal and found the course to be one of the most rewarding that I've attended in several years. I leave most conferences feeling that I didn't learn anything new (maybe I've been doing this too long) but that was certainly not the case last week. You guys are wonderful and gracious hosts. The event was well planned and organized. The entire EPG staff is to be complimented on their hospitality and professionalism."

— Jeff Harris, Waste Management

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Your continual education is invaluable in today’s economy. The right education leads to proper equipment decisions, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and maximizes performance.

EPG Companies Inc. provides just that! We offer a hands-on educational experience designed to develop your knowledge, expertise and troubleshooting ability as you serve in your industry.

For the past 20 years, EPG has served over 500 attendees in a small group setting. Our education and training classes are applicable for all who are involved with the design, maintenance, and/or installation of Liquid or Gas Handling Systems, Remediation Systems and/or SCADA and Data Acquisition Systems.

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